Rodent Control

A Risk to Health and Home

Rodents are a stressful and scary problem to deal with. They are able to transmit diseases that they carry through contact with their feces, urine, or saliva; as well as through bites from fleas, ticks, or mites that they may carry. 

They are also responsible for property damage. A rat will find or create a hole somewhere on the outside of the house to gain access, quite often this leads them to the attic. Once in the home, there are many things that they can begin damaging.

- Insulation can be displaced, trampled, and absorbs rodent droppings

- Wiring can be chewed and become a fire risk

- Plumbing lines can be chewed and cause water damage

- A/C ducts can be damaged or ruined

- Food and stored products can be contaminated

- Drywall and moulding can be chewed to gain access to the interior living space


What can be done?


Rodent Control and Exclusion

We will check your home from roof to floor and identify where rodents are gaining access, and assess the situation on the inside of your house to determine what needs to be done. 

Seal up the house!

Our first step in rodent control is finding where they are accessing the home and repairing the damaged area to seal up access. Any hole or gap bigger than 1/4" will be repaired.


The house is sealed up, and now we have to handle the rodents that can no longer come and go as they please. We do this by trapping and removing the rodents inside your home. This is done in the attic whenever possible.


As we work through the house, we will sterilize and clean any excessive amount of droppings found. This removes a health risk from your house, making the air safer to breathe!


We provide monitoring boxes on the outside of your house as a first line of defense against rodents. Bait is checked regularly to keep the rodents at bay.

Questions or Concerns?

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